My name is Gian Luca and I was born in the Langhe, the place where my passion for wine
became a full-time job.

I am a consultant for several producers in the Langhe and winner of the Gambelli Award for Best Young Italian Oenologist in 2014. In 2011 founded Segni di Langa, and as the true garagiste that I am, I make my own wines in the garage underneath my house. In 2017 I decided to put my name on the labels of my own wines. My wines find their origins in the Langhe terroir and they transmit all of my efforts, passion and commitment I put into growing the grapes.

I call myself a farmer, while my wife Alessandra says I am a young entrepreneur! I am an energetic perhaps (and perhaps too fast-paced!). According to Alessandra my strong point is my capacity for communication. I would love for you to discover the fascinating world of wine and share my experiences.