Colombo Vini
Every harvest is an act of faith.
Every product is one-of-a-kind with
a fearless harmony.
Nothing here is taken for granted,
everything evolves based on the cycles of the seasons,
the mood of the vines and my intuitions.

But it is my winemaking philosophy that allows me to make my mark on every organic and biodynamic product made here on the farm by Gian Luca Colombo.
No tricks. If you want to have good quality products you don’t need advanced technology or sophisticated calculations, you just need to use very good ingredients, to follow the right times and ways, to interpret the most authentic essence of every variety and respect what nature knows how to do spontaneously.
Cultivating is not a simple act, but we don’t have a choice. An excellent wine comes from healthy grapes, full of life, that naturally grow free, not caged into monoculture and intense farming practices but within an agricultural organism with a high level of biodiversity, left free to grow, interact, proliferate and cyclically regenerate.
Here the ripening and harvest times, containers and working methods can change depending on careful choices made in every season, year after year. Life is continuous movement, cyclic, never monotonous. We don’t have any written recipes or magic formulas. Rather than control the movement, we try to follow it, explore it and guide it to help best express itself.
The result is a philosophy that hangs in the balance between numbers and instinct, between agricultural science and a biodynamic sensibility, experience and humility, always searching for the perfect balance. We want to recognize this uniqueness in our wines and food with an inevitable limited production but with the highest quality.

Here we produce

Authentic wines with identity that respect each varietal are put in every single bottle, coming from careful evaluations established in the moment of every single vintage, with meticulous detail within a dynamic farming environment.

Made from ground stone milled flours from semi whole grain monococco spelt grown on our farm. It is a small but strong heirloom grain naturally suitable to organic farming and able to give you an incredibly unique flavorful pasta.

follow me to the field follow me to the field
Blues, greens, whites, pinks, laid fresh every day by different breeds of hens, that frolic amongst the rows of Nebbiolo vines and fruit trees, between spelt ears and grazing sheep. Raised in the open air, fed with an organic varied diet, spontaneously colored, light years away from monotony.

Follow me to the farm
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